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Janove Ottesen

Musician, songwriter, and producer

Janove Ottesen

Janove Ottesen is a renowned Norwegian musician, songwriter, and producer, best known as the frontman and vocalist of the legendary band Kaizers Orchestra. Ottesen has a long and successful career, with Kaizers Orchestra being one of Norway's most iconic rock bands, famous for their unique style and theatrical performances. The band has distinguished itself with a loyal and dedicated fanbase, partly due to their innovative and engaging interactions with superfans.

At the Music Tech Conference Bergen, Ottesen will share insights on how Kaizers Orchestra has built and maintained a strong connection with their superfans over the years. His experience and strategies for fan engagement will provide valuable perspectives on how technology and creativity can be combined to strengthen fan relationships in the music industry. Ottesen is known for his ability to create unique experiences and memories for fans, contributing to the band's enduring popularity and success.

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